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“ProBiz” is not like the traditional, ‘old-styled’ consultants who drag you for ages for no reason.

ProBiz is a unique concept developed by combining lateral thinking methodologies and problem-solving expertise.

Pro-Biz partners with every client and their teams and applying the Pro-Biz techniques would guide the client achieve the desired results.

Our Impact

ProBiz's approach is very simple, empowering the human capital and existing client systems. Upon engagement, ProBiz would partner with the clients to identify problems and design solutions.
We at ProBiz, believe that the client should have the command and after the successful disengagement from the ProBiz, the client executives and systems would be able to identify their problems and crafting their solutions. As required, the ProBiz consultant would adopt/apply various approaches, techniques and tools during the ProBiz sessions.

Organizational Development
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If your business is generating lots of questions rather than answers or solutions for your growth, then you may need help from an experienced Organizational Consultant. With a proven track record of assisting many under-performing businesses achieve better financial ratios, operational excellence, and organizational efficiency, Pro-Biz would assist you in redefining the right track, achieve internal serenity andcalmness, motivated teams, and enhanced productivity. Finally, we would turnaround the scenario where you will be able to direct the business, rather than the business controlling you.
The Pro-Biz consultant is experienced in redesigning the business systems and their human capital through well-planned measures.

Business Excellence
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Based on the internationally benchmarked Business Excellence (BE) framework, the BE initiative gives businesses insights on how they can improve business performance.

The Business Excellence Journey is a continuous process that could happen in three general timeframes:
(1) the decision to start the BE journey
(2) starting the BE journey and
(3) sustaining the BE journey.

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Industries Served
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Since its inception, ProBiz, India has provided our flagship services to the following industries:

• Logistics
• Banking
• Education
• Health
• Investments

However, the collective expertise of our team covers almost all major industries.

Our Value

ProBiz is a consultancy that believes in co-design and co-execution of solutions that ensures reliable total performance excellence outcomes. Value creation through an increase in bottom-line growth, create agile systems and procedures, motivated employees through employee engagement.

We follow the latest organization development techniques and methods enabling innovation, collaboration, and agile winning teams.

ProBiz brings unique perspectives and abilities based on in-depth industry, technical, and transformational change insights with cross-cultural exposure in GCC and India.